10pcs 4LR44 PX28A Heavy Duty 6V Alkaline Batteries

Get one or two of these batteries on hand to be sure your electronic devices are always in good working order.

These are extra batteries for your PetGishi Anti-Bark Shock Collars and are specially designed to help you get optimal correction training results. Please consult your manual to find the appropriate battery for your other products. This battery lasts up to 1-2 months of use.

Fresh and genuine 4LR44 alkaline 6v batteries Value Pack of 10 in Blister Pack especially designed for use in Radio Systems products.

Guaranteed performance. High quality. Have Full 6 Volts Charge. Long lasting alkaline battery. 3 Years Shelf Life. Good for 200 full training cycles (collar).


$43.93 for 3 item(s)

10 pieces 4LR44 PX28A Heavy Duty 6V Alkaline Batteries

Common applications / works for:

  • Laser Pointer Insulin Pumps, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol Testing Meters, E-toothbrush
  • Clocks, Watches, Cameras, Camcorders, Calculators,
  • Flashlights, Cassettes players, radios, appliances, smoke alarms, remote controls,
  • MP3 Players, Digital Voice Recorders, Toys,
  • Car Security Alarm, Keyless Car Remotes, Organizers, Remote Controls,
  • Computer Equipment (memory backup battery) CMOS,
  • Dog Bark Collars, Dog Training Collars, Dog Fencing Collars
  • and all other electronic devices that requires this battery size.

Heavy Duty 6V Alkaline Batteries

Compatible model / May also be known as: (If your device uses any of the following batteries, this is what you are looking for):
4LR44, 476A, PX28A, 1406LC, 1406SOP, 1414A, 28L, 2CR-1/3N, 2CR11108, 4H-C, 4H-C, 4LR44, 4MR44, 4NR44, 4SR44, 544, A544, CR28L, HM-4C, K28L, KS28, L1325, L544, PX28, PX28L, PX28-S, RPX28, S1325, S1325S, V28PX, V28PXL, V4034PX.

Package Included:
10 pieces 4LR44 PX28A 476A L1325 A544 Heavy Duty 6V Alkaline Batteries

Keep out of the reach of children!


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DescriptionAlkaline Dry Battery 6V Battery 4LR44
Capacity165 mAh
Dimensions (DxH)13.0 mm Dia x 25.2 mm
Perform temperature:-20C to 60C.
Chemical SystemSuper Alkaline Battery (Non-Hg, Non-Cadmium)
Storage PerformanceAfter 12 months storage at specified conditions, discharge capacity should be no less than 80% of the original discharge capacity.

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