Waterproof Epoxy+PVC NFC/QR Code Smart Pet ID Tag by PetGishi

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Waterproof Epoxy+PVC NFC/QR Code Smart ID Tag for cats and dogs. The tag contains a scannable QR Code linked to your pet's secure unique profile on the web, and an NFC capability that you can program to any command. Using just your phone, you can retrieve pre-programmed pet information instantly, which is useful in case they get lost.


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The tag stores passive information that can be retrieved on the web when the finder scans the QR Code or Taps by NFC. Near Field Communication NFC) tag stores data and commands that can be activated using your Android phones NFC communication capabilities. This is not an active tracking or GPS device. 

Features include:

  • Smart phone scanable QR coded tag that links to your FREE pet profile
  • Instant access to the pet’s profile when tag is tapped by an NFC-capable smart phone, once programmed.
  • Unique web page just for your pet that you can update any time, any where, with lifetime access
  • Waterproof and lightweight Pet ID Tag

NFC Tag for dogs stores passive and other pertinent information to help return your dogs if ever they get lost. Tag can also be used on other applications like creating a different commands for your phone to execute upon activation, like opening certain applications, looking up an address, calling a number without having to dial up, and many more. Tag can serve as a key fob. The possibilities are endless.

Scan the QR Code and REGISTER your pet for a lifetime access to it’s profile, update and edit information anytime and anywhere.