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Smart Pet ID Tags

The waterproof NFC/QR Code Smart ID Tag by PetGishi, for your cats and dogs, offers free lifetime access to your unique pet profile on the web, which is useful in case they get lost.

Welcome to Smart Pet ID Tags by PetGishi!

We are thrilled to welcome you as a new customer and have you with us! We hope you will love the free gift of NFC Smart Tag that came with your purchase of the PetGishi Anti-Bark Dog Collar!

What is NFC?

NFC – Near Field Communication is a subset of Radio Frequency Identification – RIF. The RFID is an international standard that was approved back in 2003-2004. It is used in radio communications.

Near Field Communication has a lot of applications and the foreseen benefits of NFC technology are more prominent. NFC technology is applied in areas such as a simplified set of Wi-Fi and data exchange. Also, NFC also allows for communication between NFC tags and NFC device. These tags are unpowered.

By using NFC Tags and QR Codes, business entrepreneurs can contact clients faster. In this day and age, clients are interested in instant information about products and services in which can be provided by using such tags and codes. Pet owners can now locate their dogs, cats, etc easier and faster.

Accessing information from QR codes requires the client to have a smart phone with a QR code reading app. There are tons of sites and companies offering such apps for download. Entrepreneurs who want to incorporate QR codes into their products should look up for Near Field Communication companies which specialize in NFC Tags and QR Codes. They can compare the various patterns available and choose one that bests fit their products. QR Codes on Smart Pet Tags by PetGishi are custom-made and are designed to meet your requirements.



There are three essential application fields of NFC:

  1. NFC for Reading out Information: NFC-enabled devices read information stored at Radio Frequency Identification – RFID tag, installed in smart labels and posters.
  2. Card Emulation/Google Wallet: NFC-enabled devices serve as smart proximity cards used for performing transactions like ticketing and payments. Google has used this technology to launch “Google Wallet” which is a business scheme that enables clients to pay for goods with their smartphones.
  3. Shared Mode: NFC enables two devices to connect with each other to exchange information.



It is expected that the NFC Tags’ field-of-range will soon expand. Presently, the range is about two or three inches. This causes restrictions when interfacing with each additional device, however, the NFC standard forum is reckoning to have some real co-operations from the Bluetooth manufacturers to enhance Bluetooth services. If Bluetooth technology is enhanced and cross-incorporated with Near Field Communication, then data exchange will be faster and its availability would be spread over a larger selection of gadgets including tablets and PCs.

  • Easier Data Transfer

NFC has been around for a long while. The world just started paying attention to the development of NFC applications lately. It is very easy to transfer data between NFC-enabled devices.

It is less complex than Bluetooth where a password is required by both users to enable data exchange, yet it is more secure. The close range of NFC makes it for virtually impossible to hack. The future seems pretty bright for NFC.

  • NFC In Transport

Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are a number of large multinational organizations that are researching the use of NFC Tags in transportation. If there are positive results in this research, you may no longer wait in long queues to book a bus/train ticket, or even carry your passport to the airport. In the next few years, public transportation would be outfitted with NFC readers which will allow public to walk into buses and trains just by tapping their NFC cards or NFC phones.

Indeed, even at airports people can buy tickets and pass through security checks to their various destinations using their NFC-enabled smartphones.

  • NFC In Pet Tags

Smart Pet Tag makes it easy for anyone with an NFC-enabled smartphone to help locate your pet. There are easy-to-use mobile applications that help you configure the tag and also keep all of your pet’s records.

Smart Pet Tags comes with a QR Code on the back to make it easy to scan the tag if your pet is found. The barcode can also be scanned with a 2D barcode reader on your smartphone.

On the app, the pet profile is designed to track your pet really fast. It has the pet’s name, home address, picture, and a customized message for anyone who finds your pet. If your mobile number is used as the “customized message”, the person who finds your pet can then text you a map of their location. This means your GPS – Global Positioning System has to be activated on your smartphone.

The future of the NFC technology promises nothing short of amazing. Yet, it is important to note that NFC also faces challenges and obstacles that are significantly great in the achievement of that amazing future. A lot of organizations are settling for a combination of NFC Tags and QR Codes to provide the basic information about their products and services. This makes it accessible to all smartphone users across the globe.

Since the inception of Near Field Communication back in 2004, it would be inaccurate to say that NFC is a new technology. That being stated, aggressive research and innovation into NFC have made us believe that it can provide much more than the current application. If users of the NFC Tag find the reading facility missing on their phone, they can still access the site of the product by using his smartphone camera and QR code reader which is accessible in most smartphones.

Money has been the driving source of the renewed interest in this technology. By using suitable NFC Tags and QR Codes, your company can provide better customer service which is fundamental for maintaining a successful business.

Smart Pet ID Tag by PetGishi uses NFC/QR Code technology!

PetGishi Smart Tag is especially designed to help your pets get home!

1. The Quick Response Code is fixed and will lead to a unique web profile page of your pet once registered. Your information is saved on our secure portal with lifetime free access. Just scan the QR code with your phone or any QR code reader. Fill out the necessary information and register! When you scan the QR code again, it will show you the pet profile page with the information you have provided! In case your pet gets lost, the person who found him can easily scan the QR code and see the same information, which should lead to the pet’s return to home!

2. The NFC Chip is unlocked and is programmable, so that you can write your own custom information on it, or use it according to your preference.

3. This is not an active tracking or gps-enabled device.

There are three items that you need in order to start using NFC tags to do things automatically on your phone:

  1. An NFC enabled phone.
  2. Programmable NFC tags (this Smart Pet ID Tag by PetGishi);
  3. And an app to program the tags with.

NFC-enabled phone

For a list of NFC enabled phones, please check out the complete list at
At this time, iPhones doesn’t have NFC capabilities for our purpose.

Programmable NFC Tag

You can program the chip with important information that will be helpful if your pets get lost, like the pet name, the address, and phone number, among so many other pet records.

PetGishi Smart Tags are made of epoxy and PVC material that is 1mm thick for a waterproof and durable yet lightweight pet ID tags.

PetGishi Smart Tag is equipped with great scan strength next-generation NTAG213 chip capable of storing information up to 144 bytes, (132 characters).

App to program the tags with.
To use this tag, simply launch one of the following apps from the app store:

  • NFC Task Launcher
  • NFC Writer and
  • NFC TagWriter

This tag was programmed to open this URL. It is not locked. Therefore, you can remove this data and reprogram/rewrite it.