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Does Your Dog Have Joint and Mobility Problems?

We have developed a supplement formula for dogs who are suffering from natural degeneration or from genetic conditions like the painful and irritating hip dysplasia, and for dogs who are overly active!  with the proven anti-inflammatory complex to support and stimulate healthy hip and joints and delay bone degeneration – Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM for dogs, all in one soft chew.

GishiFlex Glucosamine for Dogs, MSM, Chondroitin, with HEMP and Organic TURMERICImproves Mobility and Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis Inflammation Pain Relief, approx. 103 All-Natural Soft Chew Dog Treats.

If your dog does not have hip and joint problems and you just want to GIVE YOUR PETS THE ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS: GishiFlex joint supplements for dogs provides the power of nature’s superfood HEMP AND ORGANIC TURMERIC for the many benefits for your pet’s health.

GishiFlex Advanced Hip and Joint Care is enriched with important all natural human grade anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce and soothe the inflammation to your pups joints, and repair damaged cartilage. It puts the life back to your loyal four-legged companions.

All your dog needs is at least one tasty chew a day for healthy transformation!